Is there any way to buy just the oil and not another tag?

No, we only sell them together as a kit. The reason we do this is because after using the whole bottle of oil on one piece of wood it will start to lose its ability to hold in the scent as well. We do this to benefit you and give you the best possible air freshener experience.


How long does the air freshener last between each soaking?

Depending on how much you drive with your windows down and how sensitive your nose is to the fragrances, it will typically last around 2-3 weeks, although some customers say it only lasts 1 week and some will say it lasts up to 6 weeks.


What is the return policy if I don't like the scent?

Our only policy is to make each and every customer satisfied with their Arotags' experience. We believe that we have honorable customers that we can trust to not take advantage of our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.