Fragrance Oils

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The same great fragrance oils that come with your rescentable air freshener kit, now available for sale separately. Packaged in 2.6 oz amber euro dropper bottle.

  • Cool Breeze Fragrance - A masculine scent with a blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood. Arotags Original Scent. Phthalate-free.
  • Beach Bum Fragrance - A tantalizing medley of granny smith apples and honeydew melon, strawberries and pears, with hints of spice. Phthalate-free.
  • Vanilla Lavender Fragrance - A well-rounded combination of fresh lavender, fresh vanilla beans, with orange zests and patchouli. Phthalate-free.
  • Sunny Citrus - An elegant blend of Florida orange and California lemon with hints of basil that calm your body and soul. Phthalate-free. 
  • Backwoods Birch - A deep woods scent that will bring back fond memories of enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors. Phthalate-free.