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Similar to a traditional reed diffuser, our wooden diffuser soaks up the fragrance oil and slowly dissipates the scent into your vehicle.

Watch our how to use Arotags video for a step-by step walkthrough.

Depending on how much you drive with your windows down and how sensitive your nose is to the fragrances, it will typically last around 2-3 weeks. Some customers report each rescenting lasting one week, and some report it lasting up to six weeks.

Yes, we sell the fragrance oils separately here: Fragrance Oil

Feel free to use the fragrance oils as you please, but we do not recommend using them in ultrasonic mist diffusers as the weight of the oil is heavier than essential oils and may damage your device with prolonged use.

Yes, our fragrance oils are all phthalate-free and provide a safe breathing environment for both you and your pet. However, these are not safe to ingest internally, so please keep them out of the reach of your pets.

We use fragrance oils in our products that are made from a combination of essential oils, synthetic aroma chemicals, and aromatic resins. This means that they are not all natural but do have some aspects of essential oils.

The main advantage of our fragrances over the other products out there is the fact that they are phthalate free.

If you would like to use your own essential oils, you have the option to buy the "Wooden Tag Only" on all of our air freshener designs.

Unfortunately, we do not have a cost-effective way to send out sample packs for the scents. We try to do our very best to describe the fragrances in the product description, but if you are still unsure, please message us and we will help recommend the best scent for you.


Our only policy is to make each and every customer satisfied with their Arotags' experience. We believe that our customers are honorable and we can trust them to not take advantage of our commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

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Yes, there is a short window of time before we ship your order that we can change it or cancel it. Please email as soon as possible and we'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Yes, please fill out the from on this page to get a quote for your custom air freshener.


We ship all products via USPS.

We don’t offer expedited shipping at this time, but if you want to make sure an order will arrive before a certain date, please message us for more info.

Wholesale & Custom

Yes, we sell our products wholesale to shops and boutiques all around the globe. Please reach out to us directly via email or shop wholesale on Faire, Abound, Tundra.

Yes, we can create the perfect custom air freshener for you whether you are ordering 1 as a gift for your friend or 1,000 for your next big trade show. Please visit our Custom Air Freshenerspage for more info.